uglify: Fix 'mode' parameter to (5.2 is more strict) lua5.2 tip

squish: Optionally add in a 5.2-compatible module() function (5.2's own compat function is broken) lua5.2

minify: Preserve _ENV, as it's lexically significant in 5.2+ lua5.2

minify: Return _M from modules that weren't lua5.2

uglify: Ensure prettified code inherits the current environment, instead of the default global environment default

squish.lua: Add --list-missing-files option

squish.lua: Exit if any modules don't have a path

squish.lua: Remove accidentally-committed debugging

squish.lua: Add --list-files option, which lists out all files required by the squishy file (with the passed command-line options)

squish.lua: Move opening of output file until after resolving modules

(0) -10 tip